Anderson Digital appreciates the loyalty of our clients.  We are devoted to developing long-term client relationships, by offering high quality products and focusing on client objectives.

The following is a partial list of architectural clients, developers, and corporate clients.

AHT Architects

BCV Architects

Balch Enterprises


Berkshire Hathaway Automotive

Brayton Hughes Design Studios

BSA Architects

DGA - Planning Architecture Interiors

David Babcock and Associates - Architecture & Planning


HKS Architects

IPD - International Parking Design


Ratcliff Architects

Reel Grobman HGA

RMW - Architecture & Interiors

Steven E. Harriman Associates

Studio G Architects


TBP Architects & Planners

VITEA - Architecture

Whitfield Associates, Inc. Architecture


Agilent Technologies

Alexandria Real Estate Equities



Berkshire Hathaway Automotive

Bixby Land Company



Carr America

CB Richard Ellis

​Cisco Systems




Hewlett Packard



Juniper Networks

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories

Legacy Partners

Lockheed Martin

Marvel Technologies

Menlo Equities


Stanford Linear Accelerator Center


Sun Microsystems


University of California San Francisco

Vantage Data Centers



"Dave Anderson has been a valuable member of our design team for many years now.  His skills, flexibility and creativity have been invaluable assets for our practice."

Don Treimen

President, AHT Architects

This is to acknowledge your outstanding performance on the multiple occasions when your assistance proved invaluable to our projects. 
In addition to the high quality of your renderings, your willingness to contribute in refining the design, suggest opportunities for improvements, and provide visual studies exemplify your overall team approach. This has been a great asset to us in order to achieve the best design possible for a given project. 

Your ability to generate realistic 3D views out of thin air – such as a crude hand sketch and in some occasions, only a verbal description - leads me to believe 
that our office chatter that “you only need Google map and a phone call” to do your magic - is probably accurate. 
We look forward to keep working with you and keep the magic going. 

Patrick Wirz

Principal, AHT Architects

"Dave is truly great to work with. As a professional in our fast paced environment he meets our deadlines by quickly assessing the project, asking the right questions then generating options and views for our consideration.  Without hesitation he will take our idea and create our vision. 

He understands the timelines of working with commercial and developer clients, and is often working long hours in order to turn around high quality renderings under extremely tight deadlines.  David Anderson's experience is of huge benefit to our team.  His renderings allow us to accurately communicate to our clients, a photo real vision of what the end result will look like.  In a relatively short amount of time, having worked with him over the last year, Dave has become a trusted and hugely valued part of our team, not only meeting our expectations  but exceeding them"

Kelly Simcox

Principal Architect, Studio G Architects, Inc.

"RMW has worked with Anderson Digital for over 10 years with great success.  The work is exceptional and has been well received by our clients.  David is very flexible and always willing to work with us when we have special requests or critical deadlines to meet"

Glenn Bauer

Principal, RMW Architecture and Interiors

"The rendering work Dave produces is incredible.  He listens.  He gets into the fine details.  He interprets the design with great skill, and the outcome is always masterful"

Steve Stenton

Studio Director - Sustainability Associate, RMW Architecture and Interiors

“I have worked with Anderson Digital for the past 15 years,and have received nothing but outstanding work.  Not only is the work always top notch, but David is a great person to work with; he is our go-to renderer”

Ted Mahl

Director of Design, Principal, DGA Planning Architecture Interiors

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